‘My Father’s Hometown – Ottawa, Kansas’

Portraits of Sandy’s family from our photo essay ‘My Father’s Hometown – Ottawa, Kansas.’ A couple of days into our cross country road trip in September 1995 we found out that Sandy’s dad Don had a mild heart attack back home in Hayward, CA. We decided that we would come back home to be with Sandy’s mom and dad during this difficult time and that we would continue our trip once her dad recovered. But her dad was stubborn and he insisted that we continue on our trip because we planned on stopping in Ottawa, KS., the small town where he grew up with his six brothers and sisters, where he was a state high school football and track & field star, where Sandy had visited and stayed with her grandparents as a young girl, and it was important for him that we meet his family.

Jimmy and Oneita
Ray and his son Randy
Randy with his dog
Sandy’s Uncle Lynn, her father Don’s youngest brother.
Sandy with her Aunt Orpha, her dad’s oldest sister.
Sandy’s Aunt Orpha and her son Randy
Jimmy and Oneita during dinner.
Jimmy and Oneita were married for 60 years in their bedroom.
Ray and Orpha at their home.

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