Photography of the Stanford Graduate School of Business ‘2019 Executive Challenge’

The challenge of telling the story of Stanford GSB’s ‘Executive Challenge,’ an event that I’ve photographed for the past 7 years for the school, is always a daunting one that I love to take on as my goals are to show what’s happening and to also convey that it’s all about the students working as a team during a simulated crisis at their company, building friendships, and being part of their community at the school.

It’s a one-of-a-kind learning experience in which nearly 500 first-year Stanford MBA students participate in intense simulated leadership challenges where they have to defend the decisions they made during a crisis that are then judged by more than 250 accomplished alumni and faculty. At the end of each of the ‘Challenges,’ the GSB alumni who act as judges analyze the decisions and behaviors students exhibited and provide thoughtful feedback and coaching to each student, and it all culminates in an award ceremony later in the day where several of the student teams win awards that trigger the most amazing of celebrations that I do my best to capture. 


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