Prom Portraits

Catching up with some fun photo shoots we’ve had recently – our son Bryce announced to us in early March that not only was he going to the prom, but that we’ll be the photographers doing everyone’s portraits which was fine by us. This is a world neither one of us was familiar with as we had not gone to the prom when we were in high school, so we were excited to see what we could learn. This for us was not just portraits of our son and his date and their friends, but also an annual American ritual that we now had access to, a part of Americana that fascinates us.Prom_01 copy_MG_9611 copy_MG_9613 copy_MG_9746 copy_MG_9838 copy_MG_9863 copyProm_08 copyProm_13 copyProm_07 copyJrProm_33_MG_0277 copyJrProm4_28_MG_0511 copyJrProm4_33_MG_0523 copyJrProm4_30_MG_0507 copy

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